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Wow I’m really happy I found a software I can use that produces really good GIFs since I don’t have photoshop and Corel Painter sucks when it comes to making gifs OTL but yeah Queen Historia aka badass Queen of Mercy


i live for petra disarming levi with kindness

Anonymous asked: Why is SNK full of characters that fail to understand each other? Eren doesn't understand Mikasa's attachment to him, Ymir is inconsiderate towards Historia when she leaves her, Historia fails to understand Ymir's intentions completely, and darn nobody understands Annie and the titan shifters. (except maybe Ymir). It's frustrating :D What are your thoughts?


You can’t prolong drama without misunderstandings. If the characters understood each other, Ymir and Historia might be married and ruling the world happily ever after, and then what would we have to cry over?

I’ll be serious now.

As frustrating as it is to have the characters miss each other so much, I actually really enjoy that they’re allowed to. They’re all human enough that their perceptions of the world color their realities, instead of being characters set on whatever rail the author wants them on.

A need to keep certain things a mystery likely does have much to do with why certain misunderstandings are maintained, but everyone misses the point in really organic ways.

Eren gets that Mikasa is attached to him because he’s all that’s left of her family. He understands that. His family’s mostly gone, too. But he has to be told what a difference he made in her life when he brought her into their home, because to him, it was the right thing to do, and making a fuss over such a simple thing never occurred to him as a possibility.

Connie never stops to question that Ymir cares about Historia, because he has eyes and watches Ymir save her at her own expense again and again. He’s an honest kid, and sees Ymir’s actions rooted in love because they clearly are. So the idea that Ymir diverts his attention from his family by being an ass out of compassion doesn’t occur to him because it looks like mockery.

With Ymir and Historia, the two understand each other as people effortlessly, but they save their talking for calling out the bad behavior, never the good.

They connect as individuals, but neither one recognizes their bond as a proper union because of how strongly they build each other up as individuals. Neither ever asks for the other’s love, so they stop a few steps short of fully connecting.

…Meanwhile, no one understands the Shifters because anyone with an interest either already understands or is too angry or busy fighting for a conversation to take place.

And plot.

That one’s not particularly romantic.

The lack of clarity will always be slightly frustrating, but it’s too much fun for me to stay irritated with it for long.

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